# “No Room in the Inn?” will take us from humanity falling hard in the Garden of Eden to believers being crown wearers in heaven. We will learn what God’s Word says about embracing trials and resisting temptations. God is setting up His eternal kingdom along with a reward system. He uses the fiery trials of life to build our faith and develop character within us. His goal is not to pamper us physically but to perfect us spiritually. 

Foremost, trials are one-way God’s plan can merge with His purpose for our lives. Satan’s greatest weapon is man’s ignorance of God’s Word! 

Scriptural truth should always be at the threshold of every decision we face in life. He has laid out the promises, principles, provisions, and pathways that will inspire each of us to discover His Will. Scripture proclaims we must be born again of the spirit, enter the fellowship of His suffering, be conformed into His image, and live in the power of His resurrection. Taking this path will lead to a successful and rewarding life. 

Jesus is dead serious about His Word; in fact, He died to keep His Word. Furthermore, there was “No Room in the Inn” for Jesus, yet that didn’t stop Him from fulfilling His purpose! Remember, you are the innkeeper of your heart; only you can clean out your stable and remove the no vacancy sign.

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