“I AM” THE PROMISE KEEPER. I AM to you whatever your need may be. “I AM your peace, your strength, your help. I AM your guide. I AM your righteousness. I am your salvation. I AM your hope.”

God has made many promises that He intends to keep. They are not without action on our part. Designed to bless us, assuming we meet His conditions. Absolute belief in God’s Word is mandatory for every believer. Jesus is dead serious about His Word; in fact, He died to keep His Word. Jesus Christ declared, “I have come. In the volume of the book, it is written of Me.” Therefore, Scripture should always be at the threshold of every decision we face. For it is God’s Mind Written Down. It’s like Jesus reciting Himself.

There are over 3,000 promises in the Bible and finding one for any need is possible with God’s guidance. Believing our Lord has a divine purpose will help us to respond based upon scripture and not our feelings.

God’s past promises meet our present response. Faith is believing God’s Word and acting upon it. With every promise comes principles, we as Believers must apply, or they don’t work. Each day is a day closer to eternity. Time is running out. “God’s promises will expire (in the twinkling of an eye) between our last breath and our entrance into eternity.”

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Is God’s image on the Auction block? What will a man give in exchange for his soul? If not His image than who’s? God created man in His image; unfortunately, for the price of an apple, Adam and Eve discarded their true reflection. Your soul is eternal, and the image of Christ is essential.

The world is going to pass away and the lust thereof. Then the question, “what will a man give in exchange for his soul?” What would you take for your soul? Some of you have been wandering in the wilderness in your Christian experience, maintaining a barren soul—His image, just a dimming light. God is calling you to spark up the flame, pass over Jordan, and enter the promised land.

Once upon a Midlife crisis, I found myself staring in my mirror, chanting, “You have potential, believe, receive and conquer the day. I will never fail only sale-sale-sale because I love myself and deserve all.” Chasing my shadow, seeking my image, looking into mirrors only to find the wrong reflection of my soul.

When I was a Sales Rep, I bought into the self-esteem movement. I was visualizing my future posting pictures of cars, houses, and buckets full of money all around my home. All I needed to achieve; was to believe it to be true. Think it, feel it, and receive it. 

To my surprise, this career was short-lived. I never attain anything in all the books I bought and the seminars I paid to attend. Selling a weight loss product for a year, and I never lost a pound. I could not even push self-esteem motivational tapes even after all the prep in front of the mirror. 

Even as a kid, I bought into POPEYE THE SAILOR MAN, otherwise known as the Great Spinach Conspiracy. 

“I’m Popeye the Sailor Man. I am strong to the finich, cause I eats me spinach. I’m Popeye the Sailor Man.” I would flex in front of the mirror after each portion of that green stuff. Never looking like the bodybuilder promised, I lost all faith in this guy

The most painful deception was when I realized walking on fire only burnt my feet—seeking my potential in the reflection of my mirror only for it to laugh out loud at me. Self-image, self-esteem with all their trappings only held up my real purpose in life. Even then, God’s still small voice was saying, “It is My Image Stupid!”

God’s Word tells us to esteem others more highly than ourselves. To humble ourselves in the sight of the Lord, and He will lift us. Also, who, by giving any thought, could add one hair to their head. Jesus put it this way, ” And which of you with taking thought can add to his stature one cubit?” (Luke 12:25).

Still, destined to be like Him, even though we lost our image of God in the garden. He is the only “pattern” we must follow. And because he lives his life in us, we too can “walk even as He walked,” “do as He did,” “love as He loved,” “forgive as He forgave,” and “have this mind which was also in Christ Jesus.” Because He became like us, we can identify with Him, and we can become like Him.

Satan’s greatest weapon is man’s ignorance of God’s Word! Additionally, half of the truth is the worst part of the lie. With every temptation, there is a lie involved. (1) The Prove It Lie, (2) The “For It Is Written” Lie, and (3) The Short Cut Lie. The devil deceived Eve in the garden with these lies while Jesus was victorious in the wilderness. 

The devil would have us conform to the ways of this world through peer pressure. The Christian life is so different from the world’s way of thinking. The world wants their self-esteem to feel good, while God tells us to esteem others more highly than ourselves. Non-believers need their image to shine above all others, but God wants Jesus’s Image to prevail. The world says to go for it, no matter the cost. God’s Word tells us to count the cost.

God’s image is worth the battle. Winning victories as we put off the old man and put on the new. We experience transformation when we learn how to use the Word of God to overcome the world. 

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# “No Room in the Inn?” will take us from humanity falling hard in the Garden of Eden to believers being crown wearers in heaven. We will learn what God’s Word says about embracing trials and resisting temptations. God is setting up His eternal kingdom along with a reward system. He uses the fiery trials of life to build our faith and develop character within us. His goal is not to pamper us physically but to perfect us spiritually. 

Foremost, trials are one-way God’s plan can merge with His purpose for our lives. Satan’s greatest weapon is man’s ignorance of God’s Word! 

Scriptural truth should always be at the threshold of every decision we face in life. He has laid out the promises, principles, provisions, and pathways that will inspire each of us to discover His Will. Scripture proclaims we must be born again of the spirit, enter the fellowship of His suffering, be conformed into His image, and live in the power of His resurrection. Taking this path will lead to a successful and rewarding life. 

Jesus is dead serious about His Word; in fact, He died to keep His Word. Furthermore, there was “No Room in the Inn” for Jesus, yet that didn’t stop Him from fulfilling His purpose! Remember, you are the innkeeper of your heart; only you can clean out your stable and remove the no vacancy sign.

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Son Runners is a collection of thoughtful and intrinsically selfless poems which carry Jesus Christ at their core and illustrate one man’s journey to finding God and being saved through his experience. 
Spanning 6 decades, from the Hippie period of the 1960s, right through to the present day, each poem can easily stand alone as an example of faith and God’s love, while still contributing to the work as a whole. 

Imaginative and creative, Son Runners is a compilation which doesn’t just look at the glorious end product of seeking and finding God, but seeks out the hard parts of it as well, like running from Him and being found again. 

Suitable for reading from start to finish, or simply as a pick-me-up when life seems to be unbearable, Son Runners has the ability to lift your soul to the heights and help you find your own path to Jesus Christ.

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