LEAN THINKERS never allow any new normal define them. They will pivot their paradigm to make the decisions that create the future the business desires.


“We cannot solve problems with the same thinking we had when we created the problem.” Albert Einstein

As organizations make decisions due to the New Normal, they have unlimited opportunities to manifest their New Visions of Excellence.

When incorporating those needed changes for growth, gaining market share, and increasing revenues; will they find themselves chasing the same rabbits by using the same tools as they did in the past?  Will they use the same tools to solve the same problems or better yet will they invest in Lean Sigma Practitioners that can expedite their desired end results?

The problem for many businesses might be the reality that as the days turn to weeks and weeks into months, good intentions give way to old habits.  It is just easier to do it the old familiar way. However, planning is essential to a vision realized and a mission backed with strategic objectives will ensure that business goals set are business goals realized.  The use of the correct tools will cut the decision making and problem-solving process in half.


If you don’t know where you are going any road will get you there.” -Alice in Wonderland

The failure with most improvement initiatives is that organizations “Cheery Pick” their initiatives, methodologies, projects, and the selection of the problem-solving tools.  They settle for the islands of isolated efficiencies that often cannot be sustained.  They forget that all business functions must support change and that low hanging fruit will only stay ripe for a season.

The paradigm shift question becomes; “If we improve one process in the enterprise system can up stream processes support it, and can downstream processes keep up with it?”  Another question would be, “Will we invest the time and money to mature the process to receive the gains?”


Any improvement strategy can only be realized by the critical selection of the proper tools.  We must understand that whatever the industry, speed is critical to your business’s competitiveness and health. There are 222 PROCESS IMPROVEMENT TOOLS for organizations to choose from when looking at problems, opportunities, and growth potential.

WARRNING: The focus of Six Sigma is to remove variation within an operation or a process. If your process is not stable and has had the waste removed, then Six Sigma will have a diminished return on the investment of time and manpower.

When you lean-out the system through the elimination of waste, the Simpler your processes become, the Smootherworkflows through your value streams and the Shorter your lead-times become for your customers. However, if your processes are still unstable you are only producing a defective product/service faster. 

You will need to deploy Six Sigma tools to get your processes in control.  Remember that the process always helps identify which tool set to use and when you can integrate them. When done effectively, your processes will become reliable, sustainable, and repeatable.

Lean Thinking critically selects the tools to speed up the decision-making process. Thus, building the framework to facilitate analysis of any situation by defining specific logical needs. This framework is perfect for uncovering the root cause of the problem and bridges the gap between Reactive and Proactive decision making. Most times you simply have a decision to make.

“If you always do what you always done you will always get what you always got.”

The question is “Do you have a Problem to solve, a Decision to make, a Planning opportunity or a combination of all three?” Spending time up front defining the purpose, focus and process will save you enormous amounts of time and effort down the road.


If you are struggling to achieve breakthrough improvements, are uncertain about which improvement approach to adopt – or are relying on traditional TQM tools; a seasoned Practitioner will help to harness the synergy of Lean and Six Sigma with the speed of Lean Thinking.

This will enable you to achieve fast, dramatic improvements in translating abstract desires from the Voice-of-the-Customers into concrete specifications and organizational requirements. Leaders will use this data to transform the strategic goals and processes in a way that delivers value to the end user.

Lean Thinking gives people a new and dramatic boost in thinking effectively and efficiently. These new principles offer tangible solutions to drastically cut the percentage of waste and to improve quality, productivity, and profitability. Properly applied, Lean Thinking will provide a quicker return on investment.


The question become; “If you chase the rabbit down the wrong hole with the wrong tool-set how long will it take you to get on the correct road?  How much did it cost the organization, how much time was spent and how many of your employees fell into the rabbit hole of disappointment?  Let it be known that Lean-Sigma Tools that are critically thought out will never be the reason to make the employee your “Low-Hanging-Fruit” but they will become assists for your increased capacity.

Lean Sigma Thinkers uses measurement driven methodologies and powerful root cause analysis to address problems in the organization that have been eluding management for years. Let Lean Sigma Practitioners ring in your New Normal with critical tools to help ensure many successful years to come and pave your strategic road map to a true Vision backed by proper Tool selection.

Brad Wyrick, President
Wyrick Enterprises


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