Cost, Schedule, Quality, Profit and Growth are major concerns in any business. Whatever the industry, speed is critical to your business: beating your competition to the market, effectively processing new orders, providing quality products/services, and delivering on time while operating at maximum efficiency and minimal cost.

The current global economy demands the absolute best from your business. Competition and financial pressures are intense — causing you to do more with less. To succeed, your organization needs to make customer-focused decisions that lead to profitable results.

There are 222 Process Improvement Tools for organizations to choose from when looking at problems, opportunities, and growth potential. These Tools help any product, process or service become Shorter, Simpler, Smoother, and more Stable.

  • On the Lean Enterprise side of the toolbox you can eliminate Non-Value-Added Activities, create flow throughout the organization and reduce lead times dramatically. 
  • Applying the Six Sigma tools reduces variation in your Value-Added Activities, stabilizes your processes and builds in repeatability.

The paradigm shift question is: “If you improve one process in the value stream, can up-stream processes support it, and can down-stream processes keep up with it?

The failure with most improvement initiatives is that organizations are missing the Critical Thinking Skill Set. They “Cheery Pick” the tools which often do not uncover the root cause of the problem or determine that they simply have a decision to make. Critical Thinking will bridge the gap between Reactive and Proactive decision making.

Incorporating the power of Lean Sigma Synergy into your toolbox will speed the time your teams spend on any project assigned them. Critical Thinking helps you to analysis the opportunity quickly and points you toward the right tools. The question is do you have a Problem to solve, a Decision to make, a Planning opportunity or a combination of all three. Spending time up front Critically Thinking the purpose, focus and process out will save you enormous amounts of time and effort.

The Voice of the Process will tell you which tools are needed.

Alice-In-Wonderland said, “If you don’t know where you are going any road will get you there.”

Many organizations waste 70%-90% of available resources through improper management of material, time, information, people, equipment, and inventory. Symptoms of a need for improved tool selection and critical thinking: difficulty with (or avoidance of) complex issues, long meeting times with complaints of lack of progress or going in circles, frustration when attempting to influence others, and failure to agree or develop optimal, highest quality actions.

If you are struggling to achieve breakthrough improvements, are uncertain about which improvement approach to adopt – or are relying on traditional TQM tools; we invite you to harness the synergy of Lean and Six Sigma with the speed of LEAN SIGMA INTEGRATION to achieve fast, dramatic and incredible improvements which will translate abstract desires from Voice-of-the-Customers into concrete specifications and organizational requirements. Leaders will use this data to transform the strategic goals and processes in a way that delivers value to the end user.

LEAN SIGMA INTEGRATION gives people a new and dramatic boost in thinking effectively and efficiently.

These new principles offer tangible solutions to drastically cut the percentage of waste, improving quality, productivity, and profitability. Properly applied; LEAN SIGMA INTEGRATION will provide you a quicker return on investment.

 Brad Wyrick


Wyrick Enterprises

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