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PIVOT- to turn or rotate, change direction, fundamental change, rebranding, reorganize- these are just some of the words that are used to describe the word PIVOT.

What PIVOT are you making during this time?

The past few weeks the word PIVOT seems to follow me wherever I go, truthfully I’m not going anywhere because I can’t walk, but every book, speaker, podcast, life coach, you name it the word pivot is the theme of May 2020 for me.

This word is important to many people because during this time of COVID we have all had to make major pivots in our lives to adjust to what is considered our new normal. We are all essentially in a pivot currently in our lives.

Breaking my leg has really flung my life into a 180-degree pivot. Luckily for me, I decided to use my recovery and downtime to readjust priorities in my life, pour into my personal development and growth, reorganize things, sit in vulnerability and adjust myself, and stop being complacent with the direction my life was headed.

Many businesses have had to completely readjust their operations, parents and teachers challenged to reimagine what school is for children, health care workers changing the way they can care for patients and even having to stop caring for some that aren’t seen as an emergency, the entire world is in a massive pivot.

PIVOT is really a great word to describe our lives these days. People, including myself, seem to be taking this word and using it to help reignite passions in their lives.

For me it’s really about using this time to pivot towards creating new routines for my life that allow me to take time to read, write, listen to podcasts, get organized and to remember that it’s ok for me to take care of me and do what fills my cup each day.

What PIVOT are you making during this time?

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