. . . Press on Toward the High Calling of God in Christ Jesus

Son Runners is a collection of thoughtful and intrinsically selfless poems which carry Jesus Christ at their core and illustrate one man’s journey to finding God and being saved through his experience.

Spanning 6 decades, from the Hippie period of the 1960s, right through to the present day, each poem can easily stand alone as an example of faith and God’s love, while still contributing to the work as a whole.

Imaginative and creative, Son Runners is a compilation which doesn’t just look at the glorious end product of seeking and finding God, but seeks out the hard parts of it as well, like running from Him and being found again.

Suitable for reading from start to finish, or simply as a pick-me-up when life seems to be unbearable, Son Runners has the ability to lift your soul to the heights and help you find your own path to Jesus Christ.

God loves poetry. I know because I have read the Book of Psalms.

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